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Who are these guys?

無 (Mu)

So, you you wanna know more about me, eh? I wish I had something more exciting to tell you, but I don't. In fact, I'm pretty much the most boring person I know. I read a lot. I mean a lot. I have entirely too many books, and chances are if you spend too much time around me I'm going to try to show you one (or more). Much like during a grizzly bear attack, I suggest you just play dead and let it happen.


I'm thirty-one, if that matters, and I have an extremely expensive education which I am currently doing nothing with. In lieu of real work, I let Z talk me into doing some artwork which evolved into...whatever this is. I wouldn't call myself an artist so much as a motivated hobbyist, so if all you want to do is tell me my work is shit, believe me, I already know. On the bright side, this endeavor has given me ample amounts of practice.

The kanji I use for my name, Mu, represents "nil" or "not", most easily expressed as "nothing". This concept is deeply entrenched in the beliefs and philosophies of East Asia which have formed a cornerstone of my personal ideologies. The name, unoriginal as it is, comes from a desire to represent and pay homage to that. We can argue about it, or any other topic for that matter, but just remember; you're arguing about nothing.


If you've came this far then your likely not all that different from me looking through the monotony of the internet for something worth reading, watching playing etc.. and upon finding it, realized its no better then anything else out there and likely full of flawed, if not completely misleading information.


I'm an avid reader of just about anything I could look at, and have spent a long time struggling with interests that only held my attention until I figured them out. Luckily now that I've had atleast a decade or so of practice, (not including my time on Windows 3.1 and DOS) I was able to learn many techniques I utilize developing all of my projects. I admit though not formally educated in programming, writing, graphics and audio engineering, I've been learning since before the youtube generation and atleast attempt to seperate my work from the masses with my own touches and sense of humour at the very least.


Z is the simple initial I sign off with, that started as the nickname used for the name of multiple characters I've played in video games. (Way to many to list) More then that Z has become a symbol for me of an ideal, as the last letter in the alphabet I don't have to give a damn about A-Y and can do it my way, and intend to.

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