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Developed And Released By Yours Truly


          Our Hero begins his journey in a small homestead on the continent of Isthania, comprised of a collection of independent nations, with different Kings, Matriarchs, and leaders of different varieties. Each governs over his or her nation with different forms of competition, all for the Prize of the Signet Ring from each Capital. As you venture off on your own, glad to be able to make your mark, it won't take long for you to recruit a slew of companions to aid you in your quest for the Eight Signets Rings.

Character Art
18 Classes Available
Isthania Map
Fun With Our Title Page
  •  Classic JRPG with turn based combat and a huge class/job system

  • Fully customize your party!

  • Farming, Fishing, Mining and more all to craft the best gear you can.

  • No Adds, No item mall. Full game with no limitations for one time purchase.

Archer 2D

Start as an Archer with skins and challenges available. Different weapon types and minigames when the campaigns a struggle to help you level up and multiplayer vs mode in the works. The first game I've coded in C# and built with the Unity Engine. :)

Menu Peak During Beta
Earliest Version of the Character Creator
Gameplay Archer 2D Beta
  •  Casual game, fully free to play.

  • Character creator to customize your hero.

  • Multiplayer 1v1 and more in the works!

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