Illustrations with a

voice of their own.

Wet Ink

My first attempt at a web comic. Follow the adventures of two cynical, misanthropic,

and at times even sociopathic friends with too much time on their hands. 

Lawn Ornaments
With current fuel prices, Z's asking for this to be a waste of coin.
Canines always believe in sharing and communism.
Hair Dye
Midlife crisis or reinvigorating one youth.
So that's why he wears a hat...
Mistakes Were Made
Sometimes we shave on purpose, sometimes...
New Style 2020
With times changing so is
our style .
Seeing Eye To Eye
Real friends just get each other..
Haunted Past
We would've been rock stars...
Things Unnoticed
Sometimes even the obvious can slip by undetected.
Five Stages of Game Development
An interpretation of the five stages of indie development through the eyes of Z.
Road Rage
If it hasn't crossed your mind, you haven't been there.
It's practically a Canadian tradition.
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Antics & Anthrax  

Just an attempt from ~Z~ with an unorthodox respect for Ants of all breeds, an example of why Mu is the Artist ;)

Carpenter Antz
First web comic by Z, a life lesson on why not to mess with carpenter ants.
We All Have Dreams
With our perspective always being narrowed by our own mortality, we should always remember this reality.
After Hours With Phil and Bob
We all need somewhere to relax after work.
Psychologant I
The first in the Psychologant chapter of Antics and Anthrax
Flies and Ants, A Relationship
Even Ants, hate houseflies.
Drink Of Champions
So that's what Phil and Bob are drinking...
Psychologant II
The second in the Psychologant chapter of Antics and Anthrax
Damn It Carl
Somewhere someone is getting upset about nothing.
After Hours 2.0
A little education from Phil and Bob.
Psychologant III
The third in the Psychologant chapter of Antics and Anthrax
Expectations Vs. Reality
Needing a break, Z sketched out a few more Antics and Anthrax
Psychologant IV
The fourth in the Psychologant chapter of Antics and Anthrax
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