Hunters & Heroes

The First Release By

nim Design & Development

With Music By Trash-Chan

Created With Android Studio and Rpgmakermv

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In Hopes Of Proving One's WorTh,

One Must Start A Journey...

          Our Hero begins his journey in a small homestead on the continent of Isthania. A continent comprised of a collection of independent nations, with different Kings, Matriarchs, and leaders of different varieties. Each governs over his or her nation with different forms of competition, all for the Prize of the Signet Ring from each Capital. As you venture off on your own, glad to be able to make your mark, it won't take long for you to recruit a slew of companions to aid you in your quest for the Eight Signets Rings. For as the prophecy states;

The one who carries the marks of eight

shall be the one to open the gate

Not given to, For the fights required

to save one's soul from the burning pyre


The 6 Starting Classes,

With 12 Additional To Unlock!

The six starting classes of Hunters amd Heroes by Nim







Squires are fighters that focus on defense and

support as much as they do their attacks.

Combat & Support

Medium Armour


Lrg. Shields 

Warriors are fighters that charge into combat with

raw power focusing their head on attacks.


Medium Armour

1H/2H Axes

Small Shields

Rogues are able to target vital locations, blind foes  and strike in a flurry of jabs

Support & Combat

Light Armour


Two Weapon Fighting

Archers wield Bows and Crossbows to penetrate even the toughest armour while inflicting status effects and supporting the front line.

Combat & Support

Light Armour


Solars are magic users that use the life energy around them to cast powerful cures, buffs and smite.

Magic & Support

Magic Robes 


Lunars channel the chaos of elemental energy using their will as a weapon to crush, fry and incinerate their foes.

Magic & Support

Magic Robes 


Classes for Hunters and Heroes

Gathering & Crafting

          Crafting, now a staple ingredient in many genres of games, is not only seamlessly integrated but necessary as some of the enemies you come across have similar if not better stats then your likely to have before long. Fear not, in Hunters and Heroes you can craft over 115 recipes, from mixing red sludge tmaking defibrillators, forging your own weapons, armours and the upgrades both can utilize. All will help you overcome the challenges ahead.


         With 8 unique crops (currently) you can truly reap what you sow. I know terrible joke but seriously from planting the seeds to harvesting the crops for tons of recipes that use them


         Make sure you grab a rod and worms in town! Five types of fish to be found for potions and oils. Head for the docks!


         Although not as necessary as mining, many weapons and a few items still rely on lumber for parts and hilts. 


crops and minerals tileset for rpgmakermv created by Z

         With 8 different ores in mines all over the continent these precious and hardened ores are valued as ingredients for most weapons and armours.

THe World Of Isthania


All Resources Available For Use, Just Credit US Please!!!

Crops And Minerals
Crops And Minerals

Crops And Minerals tileset designed for use with rpgmakermv.

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Clean Crops
Clean Crops

Crops for rpgmakermv with transparent background.

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Z's take on a Slime for Rpgmakermv

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Z's take on a Snake for Rpgmakermv

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Z's take on a Scorpion for Rpgmakermv

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Z's take on a Spider for Rpgmakermv

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Z's take on a Bat for Rpgmakermv

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The fire spirit of rpgmakermv now is sideview battler.

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The air spirit of rpgmakermv now is sideview battler.

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A Special Thanks And Credits


          Although we try to create as much as we can from scratch at Nim Design and Development and use our own original content primarily, to say we've had no help along the way would be an obnoxious statement. We are happy to credit any and all who support us in our projects and assist us in making them all they've become, from the exceptional java plugins of Yanfly and SumRndmDde (Two Rpgmaker Gods) to the programs I code and create in;

We couldn't have done it without you.

Thank you.

~Z~ and Mu Want to Give Specific Credit to Trash-Chan

Thanks for the brilliant music you've  created including;

Hunters and Heroes

World Map Music

Home track

 For more information or to check out those programs and deities check out the links below!