Deciding to Create a Game, A Personal Tumble into The Abyss

March 17, 2018



As I sit in front of my computer screen in the dim glow of that led sheen, through thoughts a glean with mania and caffeine causing my hand to push a plastic mouse from icon to icon in dismay having plenty of titles with nothing to play. My mind tends to run these tricks on me, struggling to find something that gives me that same release of dopamine like the first time I popped in a Final Fantasy disk, Super Mario cartridge or Blizzard RTS. Unfortunately with changes to the entire gaming industry (some for the better, or you wouldn't know me), others not so positive like graphics being worth more then storytelling and micro-transactions over releases worth selling. Seems more and more like were forced to purchase minor DLC to complete something we pay for. Game currencies rampant in the industry, I get it costs enough to develop but finally I figure why not me, if they can do it, I'ma try without taking that extra cash from my supporters pockets and see if my games fly.


          This 3:00 am morning was shaping up like so many when my mind trailed to all the games I've worked on and written stories for, android apps I had half created yet never published in Android Studio and RPGMaker 2003 - MV. Unsatisfied with anything I had currently created, most being raw learning experiences in coding and use of the programs, and realising if I was staring blankly at the screen wishing I had something to play, why not stop wasting the time and use it proactively instead as an opportunity to create my own. I admit being a gamer I have always wanted to create and develop a large RPG reminiscent of some of my favourites like Final Fantasy, ChronoChross or a Link to the Past but understanding the depth of those games that's a large scale project that will take four primary things.


  • An Idea For A Game Worth Developing

  • A Team Working Toward a Common Goal

  • A Way to Finance the Release and Development

  • An Extensive Amount of Time


The Idea;

          Chronicle of Fate is the First large scale RPG developed through RpgmakerMV by myself as the currently sole Developer and Owner of NIM Design and Development. Based in the classical fantasy land of Isthania the player starts (after a brief prelude and class selection) in the home of their mentor, Chronos. A humble yet somewhat off kilter old man, Chronos quickly sends you off on an errand prior to completing your training but along the way pieces of your past and future start to intertwine and as the player makes different decisions throughout their progress more of your mysterious Sage Arts and characters will develop. 



No Item Mall

Custom Ability Tree

Fishing, Farming and Mining

Crafting System

Custom Monster Art


A Team Working Toward a Common Goal

          Originally, probably just full of myself, I believed I could create all of the content myself, the images, sprites, animations, music, etc then just code it all myself and.....yeah that wasn't going to happen in under 5 years of solo development and probably the loss of my wife and family. So I conceded to my own inabilities and decided to pursue a few people of similar interests and inquire as to the odds they'd be willing to aid me in my endeavour. Though my wife and children test everything I make, it is a friend of mine Matt Slaughter who offered to put his artistic talents to work creating the hand drawn models of the Monsters implented in many NIM products. As time progresses our goal is to add a composer and additional Java programmer to the development team and are grateful to utilize our subscribers for all beta testing.


A Way to Finance the Release and Development

          NIM Design and Developments mission is in our name N for No, I for Item malls and M for Micro-transactions, therefor financing games, applications and new websites for small businesses is always a concern and our goal is that fair pricing for full releases on games and applications without using subscription fees or in game/app currencies while offering fair website setup and maintenance prices to our clients is the best way we can impact the industry and provide quality products and service.


An Extravegant Amount of Time

          Not only does the coding and creation aspects of Nim Design and Development take time enough for one person (currently) to pound out on the keyboard but the research, testing, website clientele updating and advertising all are in that fractional time of 24 hour days, when something is worth doing we do it, but are clear on our deadlines.

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