Largest Impacting Game I've Ever Played?

April 12, 2018

 This is just an example of the brilliant musical scores composed by Koji Kondo




Let me give you a glimpse of the past as a kid born with a Nintendo controller in my left hand so the right wouldn't drop the Gameboy unless I had to type with it. I had to spend a night debating this question tossed at me the other day like an answer should already be concrete in my mind. The largest impact on me from a game? Thinking of my youth, how could I decide. After my consistent replays of Rpg's like the Breath Of Fire series(PS1), Baldurs Gate I/II(PC) and the ever epic Final Fantasy series.(Counting Tactics and Excluding X, X2... They don't count lol.)


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With school leading me to peers who introduced me to the Namco legacy of Pokemon games, first person shooters like 007 Golden Eye(N64) and Call of Duty even before online multiplayer was a common if at all available thing. Then with a new PC at home and the ease of Blizzards Diablo 2 became two years of my youth that only NOX had any real impact on. Bethesda set out to break that habit. By now I was almost a teenager, primed by the need of dos and command prompt on my first PC, I learned all sorts of tricks and was already using forums and the internet to both to educate myself on computers (I tend to breach on obsessive when I want to learn about something, as I'm sure some of the random blogs that'll be posted in the future will portray lol) and to learn about all the new games being made. Then came Morrowind. The largest beautifully rendered open world game of its time, that raised the standard for PC games on many levels ranging from graphics to lore, game-play and scale. Though amazingly put out with more bugs then a cheap funeral home and a construction set to tweak or hopefully fix anything you came across I worried it would feel like an early access or incomplete project.Damn I was wrong. I figured a few easy work around to the most common bugs (sticking to signs when jumping, or mysteriously falling through the floor, then abyss and landing under Vivec in the ocean...) The complete open world with consequence based actions and character customisation like no other far blew the glitch "work arounds" to stick to when your still a kid.


Do not jump on stairs or near doors and signs.

Keep Alminsivi Intervention or Mark/Recall to unstick self.

Save Often. Quick save is your friend


Ok, to get back on task, though my mind even now, spins with other possibilities. (haven't mentioned any of the amalgamation of micromanagement games like city builders, Rts, tycoons etc.)


The game that had the largest impact on me of all time for me would have to be;


The Legend Of Zelda, Ocarina Of Time

No not for PC, Playstation or even a handheld device at the time but I loved this game. Spending countless hours killing and collecting every Golden Skulltula. I collected all the heart pieces, completed side quests and listened to Navi's pleas of “Listen” with gratification. This was a time when turn based Rpg combat was popular as story always drove the game, and hack slash games were less about levelling and combat was real time and fast. The Legend of Zelda, Ocarina combined the extensive storytelling of classic Rpgs with a still Zelda a Link to the Past combat in which the monsters were spawned on screen and you could fight them without ever transitioning to a battle map. You didn't have to level but the ageing system and consistent unlocking of abilities and gadgets helped me to get over any of that.


The developers had fun with it, and you can tell when you playing. Putting in multiple mini-games like fishing (something I had to implement in Chronicle of Fate) and horse racing, not to mention the bowling, mask shops missions and a slew of additional content, these guys loved what they were creating. The story was classic with a shy slightly strange boy befriending a princess. As he continues aiding others around him of multiple races, classes and agenda's she is whisked away by the primordial evil of the game Gannondorf. Ocarina of Time goes even further then that if its not enough but brings in great dungeon and puzzle mechanics with epic bosses and a world that adjusts as you travel back and forth through time. In '95 it was the largest size game released on a Nintendo system, had one of the first lock on targeting systems for sword fights with actual manoeuvrability and dodging! After many years of mastering the game I was lucky enough to keep my enthusiasm up with cousins and eventually nephews that all became fans and bombarded me with questions.


Did I feel like a nerd or a geek.


Did I care?

Not in the slightest


But that's just my opinion; J. Turcotte

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