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April 25, 2018



You ever feel like the journalists and news agencies pick thier stories like a Politician picks an escort. I mean, think of the similarities.


  • We want one that doesn't stink to much of what it is

  • It's gotta look appealing, even if we have to avoid a few details

  • And If I'm caught with a cock in my mouth I'll claim it identifies with a woman, I mean the truth

In the last week a Canadian was lynched in Peru after being accused of her shooting and subsequent death and buried approximately a kilometre from her house. This achieved as it stands less then an hour and a half screen time, though played with only limited repeated information. Yet what seems to be taking precedence in the news....


The overly publicized at over 10 times the coverage and replay, birth of th 5th in line for the throne and currently unnamed Prince of Cambridge. A noble in the most recent use of the term being brought into this world by Disney Princess 384 Kate Middleton the Duchess of Cambridge.


With the UK voting rates being as low as 58% with ages (18-34)and even (35-54) only running 70%, its almost a civil atrocity to watch thousands of Royal fans swearing fealty to the landlords of the current major monarchy. With constant coverage of the royal family coming in general ebbs and flows I fully admit, I rarely take the time to follow them more then that of a passing, if perhaps hesitant glance not dissimilar that in which I give a fly that's happened to fall into a pool of liquid and is struggling to get out.


From the inspiration of a song by Tom McDonald called Whiteboy (the video is linked from Youtube) The one's you shouldn't trust are the ones who monopolize the water and oil, Rockerfellers, Rothschilds, Bush's and Royals. Injecting drugs into communities acting and wondering why do they spoil. Playing games while the working class toil, and celebrate the birth of some other silver spoon sucking royal.


Playing the media like a circus, the audiance seeming jittery as they wait for a new baby. The journalists play some old stories to keep us interested with Diana back on the news, and talk of Charles losing in succession all being on prime time instead of information about some of the news that might actually affect people in the world.


Lets take a little look about what were not hearing much about;


The story mentioned above involving the Canadian In Peru being executed by a group of villagers for example is barely being investigated though everyone is reporting brief statements on it. Most of this is recycled information with little evidence thats been proven except that we have discovered a body of likely Canadian Origin in a region of South America we also have a missing person and other then the New'os spin of things nothing in this case as of April 23rd is proven further then that.

CBC's article can be read here for example!



Though we hear consistently of Russian hackers, I'm inclined to wonder how many have heard of the “Russian Elon Musk, Valery Pshenichny, 56`years old who was recently tortured to death, among other things yet was originally deemed a suicide by prison officials.

Here's a Link to the story!!!



Another story I'd love to banter on if it wasn't already being done so fluidly all over te internet is the ever more prevalent Bromance between Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron, who've been featured kissing on the cheek and holding hands on camera. Come on if this was a couple of movie stars Paparazzi would be all over this. Apparently they're playing nice with a republican who kisses french boys, something I could care less about if it weren't for the fact that one of the largest LGBQT barriers is the US Republican Government and their beliefs.



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