47000+ Missing Children in Canada Last Year. New National Mobile Alert System Getting Bashed, Wake Up Canada

May 15, 2018



With the release of Canada's first National Mobile Alert System on the media it’s not surprising the first amber alert would be any day. I was immediately impressed with the response team locating and security the child within a few hours of the signal going out in Thunder Bay. Unfortunately my positive look at this was dashed aside from the audacious complaints from people claiming outrage at this citing it as an invasion of privacy. The only ones who’d even think that would be those jerking off to porn when the signal went off. 

Give me a break, your only pissed off you had a misstroke over the signal and now have to reopen your latest tube site.
Invasion of privacy, I doubt you even paused stroking you egotistical mistake in the human race.


With a million other apps, programs, and companies actually taking your information and profiting from it this on the other hand is a service designed to sharply increase the rate of recovery on missing children something that in Canada and the world at large is a major escalating issue. Yet some are so full of themselves that the few seconds it takes to report a missing child especially in the vicinity they went missing, takes to much out of their day that instead they’ll take their free time and fill the media with bullshit about how they were interrupted by the alert and inconvenienced by someone else tragedy. In a nation that considers ourselves humane I think it to often is only one human we consider. Ourselves. 

As a father of three myself I can only fathom what terror must course through any parents brain at even the inclination of their child missing. My own son once (while being “supervised” by yard duty teachers) wandered off the property to the parking lot looking for me the first day of school when I was signing some admittance papers. 

I was lucky enough that my son went to the car a new knew well enough to stay there but quite obviously one of the last places I’d consider my kindergarten aged son to be safe is that of a parking lot and I confess it was a month before I stopped calling the school at the end of recesses to confirm the headcount of students.

When the only future we have in the world is our children I think as both our aspirations for the world we want to create and the resource in charge of continuing humanity more valuable then any form of wealth should be protected and in a time where we don’t even know half out neighbors it’s good to know anyone can look out for a child in need.

Just an opinion

Interested in reading more; check it out!
Cbc Article on New National Alert System  

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