Reviewing Factorio, Addiction Or Sickening Pleasure

May 21, 2018

I`ve been mulling over the latest games both on my PC, and Google`s Play Store in hopes of finding some glimmer of interest in the multitude of WoW clones and Clash of Clans wannabe`s that essentially chase me like an over eager Jehovah`s Witness pounding at the door of my cellular life with notifications like Buy more Gems or Purchase our lines of code and pixels that we`ve convinced you are more then mere outfits but like a child without a shiny medal surrounded by friends with them, you need just one more to get into the group. Wanting to avoid the item mall and pay to win generation video games seem to be going through, I took a glance through some games in folders I've left dormant in my computer for a while and came upon a game I hadn't updated in a while and though spent well over 400 hours playing in 2016/2017 I figured what the hell, and loaded it back up.


Name: Factorio

Genre: RTS building, idle game and management sim


Story : Stranded on an alien planet with only a few basic materials you need to start production to establish technology with the eventual goal of leaving the planet in the ship your trying to produce. Hostile alien races, ancient technology and an expansive randomly generated planet is your playground. Build wisely.


Graphics and Style: Very early 2000 RTS style graphics are actually a pleasure this time around, and if they were revamped the game would become a RAM Junkie eating at your CPU like its own privete methodone.


Replayability: After 400 Hours (still climbing) I have to say replayability is huge here with a random map generator for you to set up basic variables and the Civ like ability to turn off aggression, you can make a Utopian factory world full of resources or a barren desert planet with hostile alien's building large bases across the dunes and hunting you. With the addition of a map editor you can customize everything about your Factorio experience to play it your way!


Cost: At the earliest purchase I made it was $15 CAD, but as it stands Factorio is Crowd-funded and now reaching $30 due to the constant release of patches expanding on the game and free after single purchase. Truly a Pay Once To Own Game.

This is one of those games where making mistakes is about the only way to figure out a more efficient way of doing things. Being a game that the entire premise is based on building a factory, you spend alot of time working out the best setups for you and never convince yourself this area of my factory is perfect because one technology later you may find a constant need for more coal in the early stages until electricity means the need for it drops only to jump at the creation of plastics, vehicles and refineries.


Loving punishment a bit to much and getting some kind of obscure gratification watching the hypnotic transport lines carrying resources to produce components. To then, manufacture parts and build tanks, turrets, rockets and a slew of other things I can't help but adore the game and with its free version available on Free GoG Games everyone should give it a shot. If you love it to, for all its nonsense its available on Steam to.



Just An Opinion


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