Three Free Android Games Worth Playing

June 7, 2018

          The last two reviews I wrote were in regards to PC games but as I develop in Android and PC I want to take the time to give a shout out to the three games I've played recently that truly encapsulates Nim Design and Developments mission of being not pay to win. Though they do have their own versions of item malls, (The ever unfortunate growing standard) and none of which sell items that can't be gained through playing the game. I tried a range of games from fan favourites like Clash of Clans, OperaOmnia and Flyff but all grilled me with adds and even after approximately 10 hours of play a piece felt pay to win and dull. Two of the very things I think all developers should avoid having as traits of their games. Feeling like monotony on a flashing screen that isn't even worth playing when I'm waiting for the bus on the street. So without further adieu and in no particular order;

Fallout Shelter​

          Bethesda sprays their Fallout series onto all sorts of games and when I initially downloaded this I backed up my phone, thinking of the slew of bugs games like Morrowind, Fallout New Vegas, Oblivion and Skyrim were laden with. Now let me stop and give a little credit where its due, Bethesda, Morrowind was groundbreaking just remember to keep a way to teleport handy in case your stuck on a sign, and Oblivion and Skyrims bugs were at least worth a laugh. Fallout New Vegas...I'm sorry I burned all recollections of that game out with my last lobotomy.

         This was a surprise instead. Not only have I only experienced one bug in 16 hours of play, but I still plan on playing something most games don't achieve from me very often. You start with a few Vault inhabitants, each with their own S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats that affects their efficiency in the rooms you build for your Vault. After setting up basic collection of water, food and power the more in depth side of the base management begins. Based on your starting population you can start creating families who have more children increasing your population and if all is going well, born with increased S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats from both parents. Additional types of rooms unlock and eventually after an hour of play (based strictly on my trial) the overseers office opens up and an entire new area of the game becomes available with equipment, crafting, leveling and quests.



Nintendo's Fire Emblem Heroes


         Similarly to the above game I had little in terms of expectations with another Nintendo clone of a series I loved, but have to watch corporate gaming destroy. This ended differently then expected I was actually impressed, with voice acting that wasn't terrible. Yah guys I know you've heard that before but its good enough that I don't flinch and not overused in a way that I have to turn off sound five minutes in. The game is a tactical turn based RPG that isn't all that different from Idle Heroes or Final Fantasy Dissidia, where you select and collect a squad then as your level and prestige them more and more of the story unlocks. I was overwhelmed when I first got playing past the first tutorial missions but delving deeper I found getting 5Star heroes from all my favourite Fire Emblem games wasn't difficult and even the pvp was balanced, winning 8/10 matches with my squad after reaching level 20 with most of the group I was keeping. Most of these style of games end with my squad not being able to advance without pouring cash into the game but I gotta say I've maxed one team and started on a second though its really just to try a couple other characters with over 100 at this time available and regular updates this could really be a great game.

Over 14 Hours Played and Not More Then 2 Ads



South Park Phone Destroyer

I know this game is sure to get both a ton of love and equal that if not more of hate just because of the anti South Park audience out there but let me remind all that it was Trey Parker and Matt Stone who said it best, “With all the terrible shit in the world, you have to find the humour in it, and laugh at ourselves.”

As a card collecting game its not nearly as advanced as a game like Hearthstone but its simplicity makes it quick to pick up for anyone and playtime awards coins and purchasable items often enough that I only found an occasional lull in acquiring new cards. Now that the game has been out for a few months I was really returning to it and so far they're right on track, releasing new cars regularly, deck themes and seasons for competition is driving up the player base and though I still haven't found a game worth pouring money into this one definitely has taken up over 16 hours of my life and at that I'm content.

This list doesn't at all mean that I think these games are what the industry should be achieving just that compared to the garbage I've played lately these are the ones worth checking out. Keep watching for my next game review, Three Idle Games Worth Trying.


As always, just an opinion;


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