Its Actually Free 2 Play, MMORPG Villagers and Heroes Review.

July 8, 2018

​​Trudging through the latest steam summer sale I came upon a  couple decent games worth checking​​ out and a few old favorites I just felt the urge to add to my library for pure nostalgic gold. In regards to newer games I found little of any specific interest at least that I wasn't already occasionally playing but I did pick up a few sonic games...yeah I know Sega's original hero on PC is still strange for me to. But I'm getting old compared to many I see spelunking into retro gaming. What did draw my attention was the release of a huge expansion pack for Mad Otter Games, free to play MMORPG Villagers and Heroes. Previously known as A Mystical Land, its a fantasy sandbox style MMORPG with an incredible amount of customization and player freedom. It’s a lighthearted game that doesn’t take itself too seriously allowing for a truly casual gaming experience for many and opportunities for more in depth playing for those interested in investing time. Between a robust crafting system and player ran villages with no actual player cash investment required the game never crosses the boundary of feeling like paying money for power though some of the cosmetics are cute none are required.



Lets go over a few Pros as the game has only recently been through a major update changing the playing field and demographics completely.


Actually Free To Play; without (at this time) needing any investment from the player. If you enjoy it enough then feel free to help endorse further developments

Cross Platform; with Android and PC the game was built for PC and converted to android but works
beautifully on both devices.

Play who you want; by customizing your character’s backstory, appearance, personality, and more with 8 Primary Combat Class builds available.
Become a master of crafts; mastering one gathering or crafting skill, or master them all (Mining, Fishing, Bug lore, Plant lore, Blacksmithing, Cooking, Tailoring, Carpentry, Gardening and Ranching).
Create your own village; or join other players villages, and become the mayor, deputy, treasurer or more!
Become a hero reborn; With a prestige system, reset your hero to level one, and gain boosts in experience and talents.


Now if only the game was all rainbows and skittles but unfortunately it comes with its own slew of cons like anything created for thousands of different players. So hey these are all just an opinion but....


Controls; feel clunky. Regardless of class compared to so many MMO's of today with manoeuvrable combat these controls leave something to be desired. Better then Runescape (Even if I love Runescape) but similar to the earliest versions of WoW. 

Class Choices; are limited at best. This game focuses far more on village and profession skills with combat, dungeons and questing used to access additional materials and gear. Though, some PVE a lot in the game, the community itself is gathering/crafting driven.

No PVP; I still can't decide if this is a con or not. Many games are damn near ruined by griefers and campers but at the same time I personally enjoy a little world pvp or at least zones/servers with the option.

The Newest Update

The update is called the Wellspring expansion and focuses on the player communities known as villages. Mad Otter describes it in their own words: “Villages are at the heart of our game – where players can come together, build a community, construct their own house, and engage in community projects together. Starfall saw major additions and changes to almost all aspects of the game including combat, loot, and endgame content. Wellspring, on the other hand, will look to provide the communities in the game with more content and new additions to the villages with new projects, politics, and Customizable Village Environments." This update will allow villagers to do things like run for office of mayor and be appointed to local government to help run the village. You’ll also be able to take part in village projects like building a Sugar Mill or a Training Ground to practice combat and many more. The construction of these will require players to work together, and if you’re able to finish the project then everyone in the village will be able to reap the rewards. 

Direct Download From Google Play                        Direct Download From Mad Otter Games


Or, Download From Steam


Final Thoughts;
I stuck it out and play this game on and off a few years back in 2015 when it was still new and have only logged and started getting back into it about 2 weeks ago. It's charm and almost comical graphics only add to the fact it doesn't take itself to seriously but as a game that's a fun casual MMO that no one can kill and loot your corpse, steal from you when offline, gank you when questing or turn into a job after a few days play is at least worth a try. I still haven't hit a paywall, have two different toons and found that the crafting didn't get boring quickly as it does in many games because then I'd take the time to quest for a while and enjoy the environments. Looking for something to play casually on Android or PC and don't want to invest the time into a serious MMO check out Villagers and Heroes.


As always, Just an Opinion;



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