Update; Game Development Plans for Nim Design and Development 2018!

July 16, 2018

With the end of July fast approaching, my date for the start of the closed beta testing for the first Android release of any game by Nim Design And Development, seems only moments away. Programmed and Designed by ~Z~ in direct partnership with Mu for testing and additional development among a slew of other ways he’s helped me get on track through out the painstaking process of creating a game. The games designed to be a fun experience for players while challenging them to try different strategies to succeed in multiple situations. So why don’t I tell you which game I’m going to release…


I’ve been working on several apps and video games as I continue practicing working with code and different engines I’ve settled on using RpgmakerMV. Though I debated on writing it all in Java, I can still implement as much or little script as I choose with this engine. My primary goal is truly just to make a decent game that’s fun to play and doesn’t involve pay 2 win marketing strategies. I feel like I’m getting off track and into a more technical side of the development then intended. Essentially I finally settled on three different ideas to work on and created some systems, graphics, databases etc of information for each one finally deciding on what would be most tangible at this point and would still allow me to continue progressing my own programming skills for future projects.


Chronicle of Fate is still considered in process but now on the back burner and is intended to be an old school style Rpg with crafting and farming elements. With monsters all being custom illustrated by Mu More about this project can be found here!

Due to the scale of this project it’s release date is completely up in the air but testing of the first 4hours of gameplay has taken place.


Migration, the village simulator that allows the rebuilding of a ruined city and unlocking of the hidden history of its demise. Play as the new founder of the village building structures, hiring and recruiting multiple villagers and characters custom drawn with vivid back stories available for viewing here!

The computer containing the 75% completed version of the game is awaiting replacement parts but this game is due to be released by Summer 2018!


And finally, the game I’m going to release by the end of October 2018, come insomnia, mania, hysteria or any other ‘ias' is…Hunters and Heroes! Start the game as one of six classes competing against other groups of Hunters and Heroes or focus on monster slaying to craft the ultimate enhancements for your gear! Although it may be released on PC in the future it’s going to be on the Play store by the end of August and I’m sure to promote the release on Facebook, YouTube and the website accordingly so I’m sure all will know when it’s out.



The starting classes all come with their own strengths and depending on the situation it will always be worth having a few extra characters for times your four primary party members just aren’t the right classes for the given situation. With a skill purchase system that relies only on, in game currency all abilities will be available for all players based on their own use of points. Here’s a brief synopsis on the starting classes 



This class can be played with either spears or one handed swords and shields. Great at helping the rest of the party by cheering them on and taking defensive stances as needed. They eventually can specialize as a Knight to truly become a wall of defense or the Mercenary class with its accurate heavy blows and dirty tactics.



Unlike the squire the warrior can fight with two axes or fist weapons using his strength and ferocity to slay his enemies. They can buff their own strength and strike multiple foes at the same time making them heavy damage dealers. Upon specializing they can become Monks using fist weapons and their own energies to enhance their combat skills or the Barbarian with his use of axes both single and two handed he can overwhelm most enemies with raw power.



These finesse based characters deal msg quickly with daggers and one handed swords eventually but their true strength lies in the diversity of their abilities. Blinding enemies, using poison and dodging faster then anyone else you won’t want to skip out on one of these in your party. Rogues can choose to go down the path of the Thief stealing and inflicting statuses or the Ninja though just as stealthy as the Thief, they are designed to slay their targets quickly with high critical rates.



The only one wielding class in the game Archers are designed for armour penetration! Some enemies have a standard defense rating but the armour wearing classes can reduce some of your characters damage substantially. The archer is the answer for that, regardless of the enemies gear the archers arrows can be imbued to penetrate like no other. Specialist classes available are the Ranger who adds animal summoning and even more powerful bow abilities or the Engineer who can craft his own guns and ammunition.



This is one of the two specifically magic classes in Hunters and Heroes. They excel at support offering high healing rates and tons of buffs, they increase survivability by a huge amount. Though not much use in direct combat they are irreplaceable in any attrition style battle. Being able to become a cleric that can fight and heal troops or unlocking further magical energies as a summoner to bring forth arcane familiars to slay your foes.



The darker side of magic in the Hunters and Heroes world that can increase their own magical prowess by concentrating their power and assault their enemies with a fury of magic missiles, combustion and lighting bolts. With proper training they can become the explosive Evocationist with unequalled elemental attacks or the Magi of the Dead themselves the Necromancer.

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