Dragon Quest XI, An Unfortunate Review A Slew of Sequels In Store For Gamers Waiting On Square Enix.

August 30, 2018


          Square Enix as I'm sure most avid gamers know is a Giant in the RPG world with some of their most famous titles including the Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and Kingdom Hearts Series. With the earliest of these prolific titles being released for the NES in 1987 (as a small company named square) and now as many as 6 games a year being released its hard not to consider if they're at the point of just ripping off their own franchises to spur sales without focusing on actually progressing the story, making us feel invested in the characters and improving game play. A fear I have playing almost every sequel from any developer and a trap I hope to avoid falling in myself as I develop my own games. Realizing that the next three big releases slated from the Rpg Mogul themselves from Sept.4th 2018 to early January 2019, included two new releases of games from two of the three most popular series they've produced and a re-release of one of the most groundbreaking Rpg games of all time FFVII, my fears had not abated.


Dragon Quest XI


          Now this was a game I really wanted to get eager and interested in as I adored many of the earlier Dragon Quest titles, to the point of only recently replaying Journey of the Cursed King as the great humour and character development gets me through the ever aging graphics. Being the closest upcoming release with a Public Release September 4th 2018 available on PC/PlayStation 4, and plans for the Nintendo Switch next year, it's storming the online market and hitting top sales for PS4 on Amazon while in the Pre-Order stage.



  Some Pro's 



At 70 hours of Main Storyline and a total of over 100 hours of bonus content, Square Enix sure didn't “skimp out” on the amount of content.


Classic JRPG equipment, skill and party management with an easy old school turn based combat and groups of some of the most hilarious monsters I've come up against in ages.


The great personalities of so many characters and NPC's through out the game, which unlike the sporadic cut and paste mentality we usually see makes the world (which is already beautifully rendered) full of energy and life.

  The Con's


So this one is kind of hard to really say is a con. Depending on the player this may mean nothing based on what your looking for from Dragon Quest XI. Unfortunately though the ability to travel back to places you've been to complete side quests and mini games exist the game itself is very linear with no real option to do any quest or side quest “your own way.”


Although the the amount of content is massive it's also a game that teeters on the edge of repetitive and as many JRPG's do runs the risk of lowering quality for quantity.


A miserable amount of loading screens. If a gamer spends 2 hours a days gaming (heh heh who am I kidding) and a loading screen runs 20 sec/avg, appearing 10 (or more) times in that interval. We spend 30 min a month, or 6 hours a year looking at loading screens and that doesn't count startup time.



At $39.99 (Review Price) I must say, though its based on a core classic of JRPG, therein lies its faults as well. It's a beautifully rendered shell over a very old feeling game and play style that if you've played and loved most of your life, I'm sure you'll enjoy the length of Dragon Quest XI for the cost but if you've never been a fan of the saga, its inability to enhance the RPG formula sure won't convert you now. The game is to pushy in the path it makes me follow without really having the character customization I've grown to accustomed to in more recent RPG games and although turn based combat is something I truly enjoy, they brought nothing new to the equation.


Just an Opinion


(Just wanted to add now that we've been doing some game reviews we've become affiliated with amazon and are working on building our relationships with other game and web comic developers as well!) 


Keep an eye out for our review of the brilliant Kingdom Hearts Series and its latest entry Kingdom Hearts III, now available on Amazon!






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