Virtual Reality Has Finally Gotten Cheap!

September 7, 2018


             I dare say every serious gamer has dreamed of a future where throwing on a headset would allow them to dive headlong into the fantastical worlds of their favourite games. Whether immersing oneself in the dark tunnels of a dungeon, barricading the doors while gunning down hordes of flesh eating zombies or flying through the skies as you chase the Red Baron in flight over Europe.


Virtual Reality Opens Up All These Possibilities And Is NOT Limited To Games

Top 10 Coolest Commercials for VR 2018 | Watch This If You've NEVER Experienced Virtual Reality! (Jake's Top Tens)


           When watching Movies, TV Shows, YouTube, Netflix and more with a VR Headset, your placed in a virtual theater where even your cell phone renders to look like a big screen TV, with a growing amount of video's made specifically for viewing in VR. From Historical walk-throughs of places both far away or lost to time, we can now visit either with a simple headset and cellphone.(Android/Iphone) Even a few museums like the one above are starting to use them to give a far more immersive experience to visitors. And let me say, you've never watched sports until you've done it in 360 degree view with a VR Headset


So that all sounds great and its a good thing you bought a lottery ticket cause your going to need it, right?




           Considering they start as low as $15.00 its a far more likely you haven't had a chance to see one of these in action or available in store. Now the range of price on these bad boys, and the amount of features and accessories (toys as my wife calls them) you want with them, are pretty extensive so I laid below three headsets available on Amazon and tried out the BlitzWolf Upgraded Virtual Reality Headset W/Remote myself. That and headphones has gotten me through every episode of Orange is the New Black my wife watches, as I'm off in my own universe for that hour. ;

                                                              ETVR 3D  


The Good

  • 19.99 it's definitely the most cost effective device.

  • Horizontal Alignment guides 

  • Works with Google Cardboard Apps

The Bad

  • Some light leak

  • Slightly muted colours



BlitzWolf Upgraded Virtual Reality Headset W/Remote


The Good

  • Handles 3.5 inch screens up to 6.3 inches , allowing for all standard and large phones with no light leak

  • The latest in economical headsets with adjustable Pupil and Focus Distance

  • Comes with a Handset

  • Tested by Me ( Purchased this one Lol! )


The Bad

  • The controller supplied is pretty simple compared to many models


As For The "Big Daddy" Of VR; Oculus Rift + Touch Virtual Reality System - Windows


I've only ever got to try one of these in those department stores where you look like a fool but line up anyway to test that latest game, gadget, gizmo etc.. or hey maybe that's just me. 


The Good

  • The leader in Premium VR equipment

  • Two badass controllers

  • Get 6 free titles, including: Robo Recall, Luckyʼs Tale, Quill, Medium, Dead and Buried, and Toybox.

  • Riftʼs ultra low-latency tracking offers unparalleled immersion and no light leaking through

The Bad

  • A price tag that will disuades newcomers to VR

  • PC only, (Though XBox and PS4 have their own available to!)

         In conclusion, I want to say having the opportunity to see the dream of full immersion in virtual realities come one step closer. To live in a time when I can toss on a headset open my eyes and be in a beautiful fantasy world like Skyrim, or have the hair on the back of my neck stand up at the latest horror game as it tries to catch me unawares. These are a must have, work great for any age group (as long as the parents pay attention what their kids are downloading on the internet) and I'm sure soon to be requirement for many types on entertainment.



As for me, I'll be in my room. Hooked up to a feeding tube, fluids and lifesupport so I never have to leave.

Just an opinion;



Also, I want to point out to fund the website, webcomic and development of our games we do make use of affiliate links to support our website. Thanks for you ongoing support! :)

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