Z and Mu Plans for Nim Design And Development

September 14, 2018


As the entire team of Nim Design And Development (at the time of writing this) is comprised of the two of us; we tend to forget to keep the rest of the world posted as to what were actually working on specifically. As Mu diligently handles all illustrations and most graphics while kicking in his own sardonic style and I continue to code,  develop, advertise and blog, let it be known were at least making progress. This is not to say either of us work solo in those areas all the time, just which of us have a higher tolerance to each form of insanity that comes with all we've been working on.



So what's the status on our current projects?


Many are aware at this point we've been releasing weekly comics illustrated by Mu, inspired by our own lives and though some have been better received then others; at this point they've been gaining a steady following we'd love to see grow. We considered increasing the amount of web comics we're releasing on average, but at this point with other projects in the works (I'll get to that below) one a week with the occasional extra being posted can be time consuming enough. Mu is actually reaching 6 months of content now and has an archive of all his comics on our site.


Working in a mania similar to that of squirrel sealed in a Starbucks cup; I've been pushing ahead with preparing Hunters and Heroes for release. Being the first release by us, while we both work for living and are just getting our feet wet, it will be later then originally anticipated. As much as id love to blame Google, or Android studio it's largely due to my complete inexperience of releasing a game into the actual market. The newest release date ( Now that the game is in beta testing) is Friday October 26th 2018!

Not to sound to proud but as an indie developer who's just getting something published and released for the first time I can't tell you how much I just hope people check it out and enjoy. It is going to be released for free with ads to help keep the game going for future updates and patches. For more info about Hunters and Heroes, click on the name anywhere its located in the article.

What's the future plans


Although all projects created through Nim Design And Development require the two of us. Mu and I have very different strengths and similar enough weaknesses to know better then to take over something the other is primarily undertaking. In lieu of this we tend to use each other for focus, critiques, brainstorming and editing while in the earliest stages of creation. It was during one of these times when we were bantering back and forth as if in some philosophical debate that Mu revealed his idea or as I call it his flagship. The source that would help put his artwork on the map and the stories and style of Nim Design And Development on more then the web, but potentially in hard copies.Now I know  What your thinking; Z, with Mu illustrating the graphic novel and your game being released what are you going to do with all your free time?!


"The same thing we always do Pinky. Try to take over the w..wait sorry wrong personality."


After Hunters and Heroes is released, I'm diving head first into Java and going to put together an app specifically for Indie web comics and the like to share their series and content as a form not only to advertise all of our and your stuff but also to give audiences a chance to view something new and that doesn't come from any major publishers. The idea for this app like so many came while Mu and I were enjoying a pint on his deck and I happened to mention that with all the indie web comics I've been reading and we've been putting out why not put an app together that only showcases indie comics.


We love the projects we've been working on and are truly grateful for all the support we've received from family, fans, other developers (of both apps and comics) and the internet communities we lurk in. Thank you all; we wouldn't be here if not for you. 


Just an Update 







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