A Collection of Q&A's With Z and Mu of Nim Design And Development

October 19, 2018

Having been asked an array of questions through the website and social media Mu and I decided to compose a list of some of the answers to those questions in no particular order. Feel free to comment, message or post us your own questions!


If you could have lunch with anyone living or anyone dead who would you choose? Why?

Mu: My grandfather, because there are a lot of things I never got to ask him.


Z: I'm not much of a lunch person and generally detest any question related to favoritism, I don't know if its my personality or the ADHD but what I consider my favorites, changes as frequently as my latest obsession. Either Da'Vinci or Newton, Leo for his way of seeing the world and Isaac because who the hell comes up with calculus on a dare.



With Nim Design and Development reaching the 6 month of existence date what are your plans for the future?



Z: Aside from progress with plans for systemic world domination, and attempting to make something from nothing; A- Push on with Hunters and Heroes to finally release our first Game, B- Keep Mu and I moving forward on a Graphic Novel and our Indie Comic App plans. C- Some how keep the website current while doing so.

Mu: Try to make it another six months without falling into abject poverty, or suffering a ​​severe mental breakdown resulting in multiple homicide.


Is it just the two of you?


Mu: As far as I’m aware.


Z: Do personalities count?


Ever plan on adding more to the team?


Z: With the hope of creating more advanced games, or larger scale publishing of our comics and projects I think we'd be interested but at this point we created it as a way to showcase our work and our sense of the world so unless it became necessary we'd generally just do it our selves. Both of us tend to struggle with relying on others.


Mu: I’m not what you call a “people person”, but if I can tolerate Z for as long as I have, I’m sure I could put up with others. If people have something to say, to contribute, I’m always willing to support them.



If you were mugged and left pants-less but months later came across the assailant sleeping on a bench how would you react.


Mu: I would maul the motherfucker with a wrench, then curb-stomp whatever was left to a quivering heap.


Z:I can't help but quote Mu here, “I would maul the motherfucker with a wrench, then curb-stomp whatever was left to a quivering heap.” Oh and light a smoke afterwards, might not get many soon.


Marvel or DC?


Z: Ugh, who cares if its fucking Marvel or DC. How about anything by Alan Moore (Watchmen, V for Vendetta, The Killing Joke) or by the ever brilliant Kris, Rob, Matt & Dave of Cyanide and Happiness (Explosm) now that's classy.

Mu: I tend to follow the artists and authors more than where stuff comes from. Is it a cop-out? Yes. Do I care? Not in the slightest.


If you were a character in a comic or game what would you want your power to be?


Mu: Immunity from shitty questions.

Z:Quick save and Reload.


How long does it take to produce a blog or comic?


Z: A few days, between any information I'm double checking and formatting it for the website. The writing itself similarly to the drawing of the comics only takes a few hours.

Mu: Feels like an eternity, but not that long in reality. The real bitch is inspiration.


Both of you claim to be avid gamers, what are you guys playing currently?


Mu: Z and I have been playing vanilla World of Warcraft on a private server lately, but I also play a fair bit of Magic: the Gathering Arena as well as a few other things. I just finished re-playing the Darksiders games again, and am probably going to finish off the platinum trophy for Final Fantasy XII: the Zodiac Age before moving on the Lord of the Rings: Shadow of War.

Vanilla WoW on the Lightshope/NorthdaleZ:I've been playing private server, but lately there are so few games are out that really intrigue me. (With exception to the upcoming re-release of FFVII and Kingdom Hearts 3) I've been feeding the need a bit with Mount and Blade Warband and X Com, both great games but not recent releases.


How much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?


Z: Living in Canada I can tell you not half as much as a damn beaver can ;).

Mu: A wood-chuck could chuck a bucket full of wood and I still wouldn't care.



Mu, Ink or Pencil?


Mu: Whatever the particular piece calls for, and if I’m playing around with a particular style or technique. Most of my work is in pencil due to the simplicity of it.


Z, What language do you program in?


Z: Generally just Java with cursive. Whats cursive, its where I stare at the screen yelling obscenities until I find a misplaced piece of punctuation or incorrect capital letter that's causing the entire program to fail.


  if (zProgramming == Java) return zCursive;


As always, just an Opinion;

                                 ~Z~ & Mu

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