Shrinking Rpgmaker Game from 528MB to Under 100MB (Google Play's) Limit

February 19, 2019


OK, so you've finished building your game with Rpgmaker and with the brilliant work of Xilefian and the Community Surrounding Rpgmv, we can actually deploy a build to Android!

As a ten year plus veteran (if that counts for anything Lol) of Rpgmaker I knew this would look and sound easier then it was, but I have to say between Xilefian's tutorial here and the Wiki here, the process was relatively painless.


Until a PEBKAC error occurred, and if your not familiar, that is an acronym for “Problem exists between keyboard and chair...Me.”


My only real issue was I had named my image files with lower case characters at the start, breaking Java Naming rules. I will never make this mistake again though as I assure you all going through every image file you've created in the game with 20 hours of game play to test afterwards was not an enjoyable nor forgettable experience.


So now its all compiled with no errors, we've changed our Id's, web addresses and other customization's and are ready to build our first APK. (The App file extension your phone reads, as opposed to .exe) After its built and you navigate to the build from Android Studio, something sticks out.


As a google developer your app must be under 100MB 

*excluding expansion files*

The size of the file....528MB (Mine before Optimizing)

&!%#& $&$!#^ %^@ (and other illicit phrases) Now What!


Below I'll Tell You What I Did to Reduce My Game From 528MB to 92MB

First I didn't remove any of my content and I never excluded the resources through Rpgmakers build process as it often causes Plugins to fail later in development.

I DID manually go through and delete a whopping 200+MB of audio and images from the stock resources that I didn't use, making my next build 328MB.


Now for the files we needed to keep;


If you look at your files in your game folder you'll see, the largest files are images and audio.


Audio (Approx 160MB still)

1. Using Audacity I imported the sound files I needed.

2. Exported them again, lowering the quality to 10 (The lowest it will allow, On both .ogg and mpeg-4)

3. Checked file quality (keeping only the audio I liked after compressing) and size ending up with a final audio folder with 44.9 MB


Images (140MB Approx – I had a lot of side-view battlers...)

I didn't like the effect trying to use GIMP to compress my images for Android, I ended up using Tinypng, an excellent free web image compression tool. That can be found HERE.

Upload images to the tool, I recommend doing one folder at a time, though unlike paid services Tinypng will only allow you to upload 20 at a time. Refresh, repeat ;)

Download the optimized file sizes, replacing the originals. (Not a bad idea to do this in a copy of your game well testing)

Final size 38.8MB


Final Clean Up

Removing plugins I wasn't using, deleting image files that weren't being used! (Battle backs, parallax backgrounds etc..)


All random files that I hadn't deleted in my original go through. Leaving me with;

12MB of System Files

45 MB audio

39 MB images

Total of 96MB


  • Build again in Rpgmaker MV, for Android without clicking the exclude unused resources button.

  • Import into Android Studio

  • I recommend using this Tutorial here by Xilefian, especially if your just learning how to use Android Studio

  • Once you've finished the tutorial, Build the projects APK (As a 'webview'), confirm the size and if its working the same way mine does in January 2019, you should see the APK is approx 91MB and ready for release.


Similar to many Rpgmaker users, I've always fantasized about releasing my own game out into the world, having players poor hours into something I've created. Having them truly enjoy the story while investing their time and hearts into the characters and game I develop. Of course this seemed like a simple task when I first turned on Rpgmaker2000 back in the days of the Robin Hood like figure of Don Miguel and those who came across him. Those dreams essentially died as I realized the legal and technical issues plaguing early Rpgmaker development. Sixteen years later I come across RpgmakerMV, the most up to date version of Rpgmaker (as of Jan.2019) and finally some of those childhood dreams can become a reality.


Want to check out my game, you can find it available for android via Google Play,

Click Here To Check out Hunters and Heroes Ad-Free Forever!



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Shrinking Rpgmaker Game from 528MB to Under 100MB (Google Play's) Limit

February 19, 2019

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